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All over the world, businesses are migrating to newer technologies and systems in a bid to cut down costs and thereby enhance efficiency. It has become paramount for these commercial entities to evolve with the changing times. One of the areas where most of the action is taking place is IT infrastructure.

Today, companies rely on computers and networking systems to run their businesses. However, upgrading these systems as the business grows or when newer technologies need to be incorporated can be quite a daunting task. It can put tremendous pressure in terms of financial allocation. Moreover, every time the systems are ungraded there is certain amount of data loss and temporary freezing of all backend services which results in productivity loss.

So, what is the solution? The answer is cloud such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & Alibaba Cloud services India. Netlynx is very known one of tht top cloud service provider companies in Mumbai India. For small and medium business owners these platforms offer several advantages over traditional IT infrastructure. Mentioned below some of the benefits -

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1. Cost Effective -

As a business owner you can bring down indirect costs of your enterprise by opting for Amazon Web Services or Alibaba Cloud. You don't need to worry about frequent hardware and software up gradation. There is no need to maintain licensing records, download software patches or hunt for complementing resources. These assets are taken care of by the providers so that you can focus on your business.

2. Efficiency -

As mentioned above, in traditional IT setup, migration typically translates into freezing of services. However, with cloud services the enhancement of various aspects is done remotely and in a phased manner, making sure your business continues to operate at optimum efficiency.

3. Unmatched Security -

Today, security is the new buzzword. Data theft, viruses and natural disasters are some of events which could paralyze your business. Not anymore! We exploit some of the most compelling firewalls, anti-virus software and server farms which guarantee 100% security. Yet another facet of cloud services is the ease with which data backup task can be performed. And yes, your data is completely secure from hackers.

4. Collaboration -

Allow your employees to collaborate, download or access important files in real time from multiple locations.

As a business owner you need to understand that data center floor space is the only common denominator in cloud and colocation services. While the former offers readymade, on-demand IT setup which is typically owned by third party, co-location offers you the chance to set up your own servers in a distinct and distant place. Co-location offers enhanced security, cheaper resources such as cost of power, cooling and bandwidth. Call us today for your Cloud and Co-location services with any Indian service providers or any of the above mentioned entities.


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