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Is your business growing faster than you expected? Are you facing bandwidth and IT bottlenecks. Are you worried about upgrading due to high costs? Yes! Then opt for virtualization services. It is one of the best options to overcome the above mentioned setbacks. In fact migrating to this service can help you reduce IT expenditure, boost productivity and manage IT requirements as per your business demand. Now, isn’t that fascinating.

So, how does virtualization work?

As a business owner you have the right to know how virtualization works, and whether it will complement your company’s working ethos. In short, it is software that simulates / behaves like a standalone computer. Traditional servers have limitations on several fronts which forces organisations to deploy multiple, costly machines. Software based simulated computers can be built within a single server via virtualization. Netlynx boasts a vibrant and close association with Nutanix, VMware and Cisco the pioneers of virtual data centres. It simply means you can opt from some of the best virtualizing companies in Mumbai.

Our core strength is to help companies to fulfill their dream to virtualize their infrastructure

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of virtualization services -

1. Scalability - As a small and medium business owner you can scale your IT requirements depending on your needs. Does this mean you pay for what you use? Yes, you need to pay as per your usage thereby resulting in enormous savings.

2. Downtime - Your organisation’s IT environment runs at peak levels and there is absolutely no downtime. This results in greater productivity and therefore increased profitability.

4. Operating System Options - As mentioned above, you can control the type and volume of resources that your business demands. Your company’s virtual setup is encapsulated, secure and therefore offers simplified data management functions.

5. Enhanced Security and Disaster Recovery – As the name suggests, our amazingly secure setup prevents data theft and virus attacks, safeguarding your precious data. In case something really goes wrong disaster recovery is quick and efficient.

As a Netlynx customer you can choose your preferred System Integrator partner such as Lenovo, HPE, Cisco, Dell or IBM. We also provide services on Opex based platform typically HPE Green Lake technology with pay per use module option. One of the questions which we often receive from our customers is “What if we want to go back to traditional environment?” The answer is really short. You can migrate to any physical machine quickly and that too without any loss of data or productivity.

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