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At Netlynx, we believe that today, data has become the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of many organisations. This could be documents such as Word, Spreadsheets, CSV files, Inventory Numbers, Product Blueprints and a plethora of other information. Moreover, customer and vendor information is crucial to run any form of business. In such a scenario, if your IT environment goes down due to hard disk crash, virus or ransom ware attack it could bring your business to an abrupt halt. This could translate in extreme financial losses.

So, does the above situation worry you? As a business entity do you feel insecure all the time? Then opt for our storage and backup services and focus on building your brand and enhancing your company’s growth. You also need to understand that backing up data in-house or local computer/s is not the solution. In fact, it could prove fatal in the long run as any computer attack would literally cripple your day to day working. Moreover, local computer networks are prone to frequent attacks due to improper and obsolete security measures.

Our team expert in storage and backup services. Our core strength is to help companies to fulfill their dream to safeguard their data. We are proving backup software from leading brands like Veeam, Dhruva, commvault. We also help companies for backup on a cloud

Data backup and disaster recovery is a tricky task, especially the latter, because once the hard disk crashes or post virus attack most of the access to data is simply not possible. Netlynx exploits state of the art cloud backup or backup as a service also called BaaS, as a quick, efficient and modern way of securing data. Our data implementation plans offers combo services, including recovery for corrupt storage mediums.

Netlynx provides backup and storage services management from leading brands such as Veeam, and Commvault. Interestingly, there are two distinct types of backups -

1. Partial or differential backup.

2. Full back up.

The files and folders are transferred to remote cloud servers which are highly secure, robust, easily accessible from any geo-location and affordable too. As a storage and backup management service provider we setup the software, provide training and also offer 24 X 7 technical and non-technical support in case of serious breach of security or sudden hard disk / storage device crash.

Netlynx storage and backup software is easy to install, and even more easy to operation. Most of the functions are initiated through a single window and day to day monitoring is as simple as watching a digital movie. If you, as a business owner have arrived at this page seeking the above services, we strongly advise you to call or mail us, and let us identify your data troubles and provide a complementing solutions.


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