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There was a time when most of the commercial enterprises used free email services. Then there was a period when several large corporations migrated to dedicated platforms for enhanced productivity and security although these were still in their nascent stage and lacked in terms of providing integrated or single window solution to multiple communication bottlenecks.

Today, the scenario is completely changed.

With a plethora of companies offering state of the art communication suites, business entities have become extremely selective in choosing the most appropriate platform. Some of the popular email service providers company Mumbai include Google Gsuite, IceWrap, Zimbra and Custom Linux Box on Postfix and Mailscanner. Netlynx is associated with these brands for a long time, and therefore we are able to offer our customers their email suites and standalone email services. We are bulk email service provider company in mumbai for business.

Bulk Email Service Providers Company Mumbai - Microsoft Office 365, Google Gsuite, IceWrap, Zimbra, Custom Linux Box on Postfix and Mailscanner

Unlike free or featureless email applications, these are robust and rank high on some of the essential parameters. Some of their salient features are mentioned below.

  • Built along latest technologies.
  • Highly secure.
  • Blazing fast even under extremely busy environment.
  • Intelligent anti-spam features which makes filtering and segregating a joy.
  • Enhanced productivity due to efficient sending and receiving mechanism.
  • Unlimited storage space means robust archive retrieval capability.
  • Dedicated mobile apps for that seamless access to mail even while travelling.

Netlynx a leading email services provider company for business also offers email service from Microsoft Office 365. As a business owner, having an email service that offers speed, control and security over your emails and other forms of communications is of paramount importance. It not only reflects professionalism but also lets your customer know that you are serious about your business enterprise.

Some of the other compelling features of these email suites are -

  • 1. Application integrated multifactor authentication for single sign-on.
  • 2. Easy integration into any IT environment.
  • 3. Dedicated and complementing documentation and communication apps.
  • 4. Business productive tools such as Google Apps for Business and Skype for Business.
  • 5. Unmatched technical and documentation support.

Email is one of the popular ways of communication, an essential part of any business, and therefore its integration with other forms of connecting mechanisms assures round the clock, non-stop and efficient liaising. All this allows modern day business entities to make quick calls and informed decisions.

Don’t lose out to your competitors just because you have a vintage or featureless communication setup. Opt for one the above mentioned email services and offer your business a superfast vehicle towards growth. Call us today for a brand new setup or renewal!


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