Data Sanitization for Data Centre

Data has become one of the crucial elements of modern businesses which incidentally allow enterprises to maintain an edge over their competitors. It is a valuable asset which is analysed and annotated to achieve short and long term corporate goals. Whether you are a small, medium or large business entity, data collection and storage is inevitable.

Interestingly, business information in typically stored on electromagnetic devices and digital devices such as hard disks, SSD’s, Flash Drives and Compact Discs. The latest entry into this list is mobile phones boasting a rainbow of operating systems. However, there is a catch. Every storage device has a definite lifespan. Post expiry, businesses need to transfer the data on to a new device. During transfer old data is generally erased and the device itself is offered as a scrap commodity.

we are living in an era of highly sensitive data breaches and the retiring devices are prone to data leakage as it may have recoverable value

This is where data leakage occurs because traditional erasing methods such as data deletion, reformatting, resetting and data wiping may not offer 100% safety against theft. Netlynx offers data sanitisation solutions which clean data from assorted devices and storage platforms which contain 0% usable residual data. We make sure that your obsolete data is simply not recoverable by any tool or tampering. Moreover, our data sanitisation service provides permanent and irreversible data purging.

As mentioned above, old storage devices and handheld devices need to be replaced after they have completed their lifecycle, but there are other events where sanitising information may be required. Some of those situations are mentioned below -

1. Every organisation allocates a specific data access level to its employees. In case an employee quits the company and the subsequent person filling the vacancy may not be eligible for accessing highly sensitive data. In such cases either the data is transferred or purged accordingly. Netlynx can manage such tasks efficiently.

2. Data centre environment upgrades are a common feature of medium and large corporations. Migrating and purging unwanted information is a tricky task which can only be achieved through qualified personnel with experience in relevant tools and technologies. At Netlynx, we exploit cryptographic and data erasure techniques for unprecedented sanitisation.

We make sure that once the device whether hard disk, SSD or flash drive is selected for destruction no data is recovered even with advanced forensic tools. The same rule applies to mobile devices and handheld tools. In short, Netlynx is your one stop solution for Data Erasure solutions, Degaussing services and Destruction services.

In case you are still not convinced give us a call or write to us. We will be happy to discuss your data sanitization requirements.


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