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Omni presence of email, an integral routine of private and corporate world, especially as a communication tool makes it an apt candidate for cyber-attacks. These hostilities could range from spam to data leaks and from spear phishing to virus embedment. So, what happens when your email system is compromised?

It depends on how intense the environment is conceded. However, one thing is certain. It would simply bring down your communication platform to a halt. And the downtime could be a long one which translates into loss of productivity.

email security service providers mumbai

Mentioned below are some of the ways emails and email systems are negotiated -

1. Malware attacks such as those based on viruses and worms typically compromise your server/s and this in turn could also put your primary data at a huge risk.

2. Yet another method which attackers frequently use to gain access to servers is via spam. Although a spam mail appears docile, it can quickly turn into a vehicle of mass destruction by exposing the inherent and ignored weak points of your workstation. Once these are exploited the system can quickly turn into a safe haven for cyber thieves.

3. Phishing is a way of deceiving or tricking mail users by masking fraudulent URL’s as genuine ones. Once the initial confidence is gained, these URL’s then cunningly convince the user to part with sensitive information such as passwords, personal identification number, and sensitive information related to credit cards etc.

4. Ransomware is a type of malware that enters a server / desktop system when someone clicks an infected URL. It then blocks access to various files and folders ( forcefully encrypted ) until a certain amount of ransom is paid, and hence the name. Ransomware infection can be a costly affair if not prevented beforehand.

Netlynx helps you overcome these email shortcomings by protecting your system from unauthorised intruders via implementation of robust and renowned firewall systems, spam filtering tools based on artificial intelligence and also force users to create strong passwords which are difficult to hack. Netlynx also exploits state of the art encryption and digitally signed emails to prevent sudden attacks.

We are pioneers in email security service providers in Mumbai, and use software and manual methods to clean your email servers / workstations. For example, we strongly suggest implementation of scanners to scan vicious and malicious mails. We exploit spyware removal software, 256-bit encryption tools and also educate users on the ills of cyber-attacks via email.

Whether you are a small or big business enterprise email security should be your top priority as any leniency on your part can bring down your enterprise to a screeching halt and at the same time result in financial and commercial losses. We provide email security services to high net worth individuals, and entities that initiate and execute multiple online transactions whether personal or commercial.

Interestingly, email security services are affordable and its implementation does not in any way hinder with the workflow. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Safeguard your server systems before it is too late. Call us today for a quote which is guaranteed to surprise you.


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