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There is no doubt that information runs the businesses today. Every small, medium and large organisation spends millions of rupees in gathering information relevant to their business to increase their sales and maintain the lead at the same time. In short digital data is the driving force. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to proliferation.

Whether the said data is stored on a server, laptop, mobile or any other dynamic device it is prone to compromise and cyber threats. Moreover, as the technologies become complex with each passing day the tools needed to prevent unauthorised access and cyber-attacks are also becoming expensive.

Netlynx and their partners are certified in VAPT audit. We provide solutions on firewall & ransomeware and antivirus solutions from all reputed brands.

Information compromise can happen at various levels and in many forms. Some of the rampant causes for it are –

  • Malware and Ransom ware attack
  • Phishing and other forms of cyber trickery
  • Abrupt storage device malfunctions

The above mentioned events could prevent you as a business entity from accessing your vital documents, or worse still the data maybe stolen and then exploited for deceitful purposes. Furthermore, such attacks slow down IT environment which in turn reduces productivity as employees have to wait for a longer time to send emails or access files and folders.

It is therefore imperative that enterprises setup security controls at the right level and using the right tools / processes. Netlynx provides a range of information security services in Mumbai which are managed by certified professionals and cyber engineers with years of experience. So, how do we secure your information?

1. As a qualified information security services audit company in Mumbai we help organisations meet PCI-DSS standards. During this audit we check storage, card processing and delivery mechanisms.

2. We make sure your IT environment such as servers, desktops, laptops and company owned mobile devices are scanned and secured from external threats.

3. Our experienced and qualified system engineers scan systems for unwanted software, especially those which show signs of vulnerability. We recommend software and application patches to close all security related doors from unlawful access.

4. Finally, website/s and online applications are thoroughly scanned for loopholes which could result in data theft.

Information compromise can ruin the image of a company and at the same time this entity becomes answerable to various cyber and government agencies for lapses and subsequent losses. We design information security mechanism for customers based on current and future obligations. Our focus is riveted to computer systems / mobile devices, data, technology, processes and key operators. Netlynx a leading information security services company mumbai and their partners are certified in VAPT audit which means you can rely on us for all your information security issues. We exploit best tools, software and practices and thereby make your data highly secure.


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