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Today, the business space is evolving faster than ever, adopting newer technologies and tools, especially when it comes to enhancing efficiency, productivity and reducing the final product / service cost. And one of the technologies that many large organisations are finding it extremely helpful is collaboration via uninterrupted, high quality, affordable video conferencing. So, how does this tool help large corporations decrease costs? The answer is, by turning official travel into a redundant affair.

Individuals and teams can co-ordinate, liaise with onsite project workers via browser, mobile, or video device. Poly and Cisco brands offer integrated audio, video and content sharing technology in a highly secure environment and that too from the cloud. No wonder then video conferencing as a service or VCaas is now being adopted across the globe on a massive scale.

Collaboration tools, remote connectivity and physical video conferencing solution from Poly and Cisco

Mentioned below are some of the salient features of VCaas -

Collaboration Personified -

Vendors and users swear by its audio and video quality. Every emotion and gesture is crisp, and content sharing is therefore a joy. As a user you can pick up a word, or a graph easily and that too in real time.

Easily Deployable -

The learning and integration period of Poly and Cisco collaboration tools are minimal. It is this simplicity and rapid deployment which makes it a perfect option for scores of organisations across the world.

Secure and Intelligent -

Collaboration tools from Poly and Cisco boasts AI embedment which means it can detect noise, sonic disturbances and adjust picture quality depending on the internal / external ambience. Sharing project details and progress is an absolute joy. Moreover, the clarity is so sharp that it makes travelling to site for inspection an obsolete action. Whether it is a group meeting orientated or one on one can be secured in private virtual room. Its multi-layer security layers guarantees 0% data theft.

Collaboration On the Go -

Tools and software from these companies allow users to hold meetings, exchange content and inspect projects on the go. A USB stick or any portable device is good enough to initiate collaboration activity. Simply insert this device in your PC and MAC and start interacting with your office colleagues or project supervisor. Remote connectivity has never been so easy, efficient and satisfying.

Netlynx offers these tools from Poly and Cisco, and highly recommends them for medium and large organisations as a potent tool for saving money in the form of reduced travelling expenditure by senior officials. We not only deploy and train your staff but do a preliminary survey of your organisation before suggesting the right kind of equipment, software and related accessories. Share your concerns, queries and cost related questions, and we’d be happy to address them.


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